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3 Amazing Apps to Learn Crochet

Learn Crochet with just one click!

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Today we are going to quote here the name of 3 incredible Apps to learn crochet, that is, you will learn this art using only your cell phone. And those who master the art of crochet can use it as a profession or even a hobby, in short, a hobby.

Okay, but why did I decide to write this article citing these three apps? Well, recently a lot of people came to me and asked me to help them learn how to crochet in a very simple way. And there wouldn't be a better way to learn this art than using your cell phone, and nowadays practically everyone has one. smartphone.

After all, technology is an essential item to make human beings have access to information in the simplest possible way. And despite Crochet being an ancient art, even today many people seek to know and learn this manual work.

And at the end of this article I will mention a special bonus for all the people who love Crochet, so read until the end, it's a must.

What is Crochet?

what is crochet
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Well, the term comes from the Germanic croc and the French crochet, which mean nothing less than “needle”. And Crochet is a knitting technique in which we use our hands holding a needle to form chains with threads.

And yet, very thin threads tend to be used with more delicate needles, while thicker threads tend to be used with thicker needles. And speaking of needles, they can be made from aluminum, steel, wood, bamboo and even plastic.

And anyone who believes that there is only one needle size is mistaken, as there are around 25. When you go to buy a needle, the seller will tell you the sizes and which would be ideal for you. And if he doesn't tell you, ask him, always try to buy the materials from someone who really understands the subject, knowing this is essential to learn crochet

The difference between crochet and knitting

Difference from crochet to knitting
Knitting and Crochet – Illustrative Image

Although Crochet and Knitting are different arts and at the same time look alike, many people still don't differentiate one from the other. And the first big difference between Crochet and Knitting is that Crochet uses one needle, while Crochet uses two.

And the crochet layout is similar to that of knit or lace, and a variety of yarns can be used. This allows for a more versatile production of clothes, amigurumis, baskets, etc.

Knitting, as I said earlier, uses two needles, however, they don't have those hooks. And it is more used in wool pieces and is usually much more elastic.

Apps to Learn Crochet on Mobile

Enough rambling and let's finally talk about these 3 apps that I use a lot and recommend for you to learn crochet. Remembering that these APPs to learn crochet are easily found both on cell phones android how much in iOS, just search the APP Store or play store.

3: Love Circle

3 amazing apps to learn crochet, love circle
Love Circle App – Illustrative Image

I'm going to start this list of 3 amazing apps to learn Crochet by quoting an App that is currently the darling of those who like crafts. And I'm talking about love Circle, which is a tool developed by Círculo that is very easy to use and intuitive.

At Love Círculo, you will not only learn Crochet techniques, but also Knitting, and we even talked about this technique in this article. At Love Círculo you will find Crochet recipes, and even a library to store those recipes that you saw and would like to make.

And it doesn't stop there, in this APP it is also possible to find a schedule with dates and times of Workshops in Brazil,

2: Learning Crochet

learning crochet app
Learning Crochet – Illustrative Image

In second place on this list of 3 apps to learn Crochet I will now talk about Learning Crochet, which is a great app. In it you will find more than 1,300 video classes that talk exclusively about the art of making this technique called Crochet.

And these video lessons are separated into categories, and the first category that recommends you start is the “Learning Order”. Where, as the name suggests, you will learn to crochet by following an order correctly, it starts by talking about the basic materials.

In this app you will also find materials teaching you how to make rugs and towels, which is currently a favorite among people who like to make them and also for those who want to learn crochet. Anyway, there are several types of rugs and tablecloths that you will learn how to make in this category, such as “Welcome”, table runner, round rug, etc…

To give you an idea, in this application you will learn to make even one crochet nest to place your succulent plants.

1: YouTube

Youtube 3 apps to learn crochet
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Well, now I will finish this article counting 3 apps to learn Crochet quoting the most obvious possible, which is the YouTube. Remembering that it can be accessed either by cell phone or computer, and cell phones usually come with YouTube already installed.

On YouTube, what you will find most are channels of people who have been crocheting for years and willing to teach you. And best of all, they are in Video Classes and you can interact in the comments, you just won't learn Crochet if you don't want to.

And however, YouTube doesn't just have topics related to Crochet, practically everything the person searches there will find an answer. To tell you the truth, even if you know how to do something that many people would like to learn, you can teach it on YouTube.

And the good thing about YouTube is that over time you can monetize your videos, earning an extra monthly balance and maybe turning into a profession.

Extra Bonus

If you've read this article this far, it's because you're really interested in the subject of Crochet and you've really enjoyed these 3 apps I mentioned. And as a way of saying thank you for reading this far, I will provide a special link to an incredibly amazing Crochet course.

However, this link has a special offer of 90% discount for my readers only, and you are one of those lucky people. So, this is your unique opportunity to learn the Art of Crochet practically for free, hurry while you have time.

And best of all, in this course you will not only learn to to knit, but to transform this apprenticeship into a profession.

Cta profiting from crochet
Click on the Image and Guarantee a Special Discount!

Thank you very much for reading this far, if you liked the content where I mentioned 3 apps to learn Crochet, please share it with all your friends.


Ruan Jesus

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