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5 Apps Every Christian Must Have!

Enhance Your Spiritual Experience with These Digital Tools

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If you are a follower of Jesus then you need to know what the Apps Every Christian Should Have!

Smartphones help us in many ways. There are several apps that help us. We can schedule our appointments, as well as communicate with anyone around the world, watch movies, series and more. So now you can also organize your Christian life on your cell phone.

Currently, technology has taken over our daily lives. So of course Christians couldn't stay out of these updates. To keep your spiritual life strong, we are going to present 5 applications that will help you in Christian walk.

If you already know the app Holy Bible, then you will like the Apps that every Christian needs to have. They will help you with prayer, reading the word, fasting, and even with evangelism.

So continue here and find out what these apps are, their features, and how they will change your life, and help you get closer to God.

pray more

The application pray more works as a prayer social network. There you find a community of people who are willing to pray for requests from various people. With the app pray more you can make your prayer requests, and that way, several people can be praying for you. And so you can also filter orders.

You can track requests from the community, just yours, or you can filter requests by subject. That way you can favorite the prayer requests of the community, so you can choose those requests so that you can pray daily for the lives of several people.

Apps Every Christian Should Have - Pray More
Apps Every Christian Needs

The app has a testimonials tab, where the community shares prayer requests that have been answered. In case you feel embarrassed and don't want to expose your request publicly, it allows you to place your requests anonymously.

The most ideal Ore for carrying out prayer purposes, with daily intercessions. Because it is an application created so that all prayer requests were gathered in one place. And that way we can intercede for each other in an easy and current way. And so, through mobile applications, you connect more with God, and with several Christians across the face of the earth, strengthened in faith and prayer.

fasting 40 days

being one of the best apps about fasting and without a doubt one of the applications that every Christian needs to have and one of the 40-day fasts directs you to remain firm in the purpose of fasting. It is an excellent tool for support and daily guidance in the practice of fasting and prayer. With it you will have a deeper understanding of the word of God and your life of consecration.

Knowing the word of God, you begin to realize that your life depends on the hand of God to be led. And that way you will see the transformation in your life and your dependence on the Holy Spirit.

With the app you will develop the habit of reading the word as it offers daily studies. There you will also find a space to write your personal notes, in addition to having questions related to the study and the answers.

Apps Every Christian Should Have - Fasting 40 Days
Apps Every Christian Needs

You can record your prayers, and you also get reminders to do your devotions. And you can still share the daily devotions through social networks. For each day you read the devotional and at the end of each day you will make a decision about your faith.

But only the first 5 days are free. Thus, if you like the app, you will have to pay a fee of R$ 16.90 to continue using it.

Rhappy FM radio

If you enjoy listening to praise, then this is one of the apps you must have. With the happy fm radio, you can listen to your favorite music without worries. Because it is a 100% gospel radio that, in addition to playing praises that warm our spirit, also has a diverse programming.

Apps every Christian needs to have - Happy FM Radio
Apps Every Christian Needs

At Rádio Feliz Fm you will find interactivity and exclusivity. You do so much more than just listening to music. Because the radio has praise programs, sermons, illustrations of the Kingdom of God, prayer campaigns and lots of entertainment.

You can send messages and you can also send messages, and you can even request your favorite songs to hear them on the radio. The radio has promotions that you can participate in. And you can follow the radio on social media.

Promise Boxes

You can start your day with a verse through the promise boxes. This is one of the apps that can help you read more Bible. It displays a Bible verse on every access. It's ideal to bring you relief and comfort coming directly from the word of God.

This app works offline, that way you will have no excuses for not receiving the word of God in your day. The box of promises has more than 1000 registered biblical verses, without the need for an internet connection.

promise box
Apps Every Christian Needs

Sharing Bible verses is much easier with this app. And you can still use beautiful images already available in the app, or if you prefer, you can use images directly from your gallery to be the background. That way your verses will be beautiful.

You can also access the list of all the verses that have already appeared for you, read the complete chapters of the verses, and bookmark that verse that touched your heart. Leave your personalized box the way you want, because the app has 14 different themes.

No matter where you are, tap the Little Box and read the verse of the day! 

Yes He Is

One of the most famous applications that every Christian needs to have in the gospel world today is Yes He Is. Because it is a blessing, where you find several testimonies of what Jesus Christ did in the lives of several people. And if you find it difficult to talk about God's love to other people, this app will help you when it comes to evangelization.

Sometimes you think that talking about Jesus is a very difficult task, but Yes He Is will help you make this task easier. With it, you will accept the invitation to talk about God's love, equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge found in the Bible.

yes he is
Apps Every Christian Needs

There you have a space to share your testimony of what God has done in your life, you can put the lives you are trying to reach in prayer. And so you can share videos about Jesus with your friends who don't know him yet.

You can improve your skills with the weekly evangelism tips that the app offers. Read what God has done in other people's lives, and feel inspired to share in God's great love. It's an app that will transform your life for sure.

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Graduated in Economic Sciences, I am a Christian committed to church activities. I collaborate in God's Mail and other SED Group websites, integrating my academic background and my faith to offer meaningful and enriching content.

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