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Glorify: How to Use the App for a Daily Devotional

Discover Glorify App Features to Enrich Your Daily Devotion

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Glorify is an app to aid your spiritual development. It's a super complete app, created for this moment in which the world finds itself.

We know that devotional is an important and fundamental part of a Christian's life. This is our intimate moment of worship to our God. And that way He speaks to our hearts the desires He has for each one of us. And using Glorify will be even more special.

It is a moment that brings peace to our hearts, where we find ourselves in His presence and can pour ourselves out before Him. That is why it is very important that we as Christians have this practice inserted in our daily lives. But if you still don't have this custom, let's show you something that will help you create this practice.

The Glorify app will help you connect with the creator in an easy and affordable way, without leaving your home. So you can find daily devotional sessions that will lead you to create an intimate relationship with God. In addition, you can find other functions that will certainly feed your spiritual life.

Like reflections, prayers, and guided meditations. Making you create a habit of studying the word of God, because the app has progress monitoring, so you can keep a sequence in your meditations.

See now the step by step for installing and using this app.

How to create a Glorify account

To get started, you need to download the app from your cell phone's app store. And it is available for both Android and IOS:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Once you install Glorify, open the app, and slide the screen during the intro. Select “Start my first daily devotional”. After starting the app, it will present a daily devotional.

This way, each session is divided into 3 stages: passage, devotional and reflection. You can choose whether you want to read or listen to the devotional.

Illustrative picture

During text playback you can follow it on your screen and also pause. And in the icon at the top left you can change the font size. In addition, during the devotional, you can also change the theme by sliding the screen. With each change the image will be changed along with the background music.

text and theme
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When you finish your first session, select “Create Account” to register with Glorify. You will need to enter your email address or sign in with your Facebook account. Then create a password and choose a name to display. And if you want add a photo to your profile.

Registration in the glorify app
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How to Use the Devotional App

After registering, the Glorify app will redirect you to the main screen. That way you'll be able to view your daily devotional session, the calendar to track your progress, and the theme for the week. In addition, you can access other areas of the app in the lower menu.

When you click on “Listen”, a catalog with all the audio content will appear. It will be presented to you with divisions by categories.

app areas
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In the Bible area, all chapters are available for reading and sharing. That is, in addition to having an app to do devotionals, you will also have a bible app available.

Another very interesting area of Glorify is “Prayers”, where you can create prayers or add ones created by the community. And you still have a journal to create notes during meditations, so it will be easier to track your progress.

Glorify app areas
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Final considerations

Anyway, I hope that Glorify can help you have an even more pleasant moment of devotional. Remembering that the Glorify app is completely free. All of its features are available, no purchase required. Once you start using it, you'll realize how this app will help you.

For it is a really useful tool and an incredible aid to the self-discipline of starting each day with God. If you feel like choosing a reading for each morning, don't worry, this app makes it so much easier. That way your daily devotional routine will be much better!

He will help you to take time to reconnect with your spirituality. God bless you all.

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Graduated in Economic Sciences, I am a Christian committed to church activities. I collaborate in God's Mail and other SED Group websites, integrating my academic background and my faith to offer meaningful and enriching content.

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