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How to play GTA San Andreas on Mobile

See how to play GTA San Andreas on Android and iOS mobile

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GTA San Andreas is one of the most acclaimed games not only in its franchise (Grand Theft Auto), but in the history of video games! It's a game that revolutionized the gaming industry, and it's one of the most popular! The game was originally released for consoles in 2004, and re-released in 2013 by Rockstar Games for mobile!

Now it's possible to play San Andreas on your cell phone, both Android and iOS, with graphics improvements, intuitive controls, maintaining the same outstanding gameplay of the game that made history on the Playstation 2. In this article, you'll learn how to download, install and play in the best way possible GTA San Andreas on your mobile.

How to download and install GTA San Andreas on the cellphone

gta san andreas mobile
GTA San Andreas Android version | rockstar games

To have GTA San Andreas on your cell phone is very easy! You just need to follow the steps below:

  • Access your mobile app store, Google Play, App Store, Amazon, etc.
  • Search for “GTA San Andreas”. To make it easier, I'll leave the link that takes you directly to the app stores below:
You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website
  • Click “Install”. Remembering that the game is paid! The game costs R$ 19.99, and payment can be made either using a credit card, gift cards, or app store balance, remembering that this is the full amount, and can most of the time be cheaper with promotions made by the stores.
  • Wait for Download and Installation to complete. Give preference to download the game using the WiFi, after all, the game is big and will consume a lot of mobile data.
  • Open the game and feel the nostalgia!

Best settings to play GTA San Andreas smoothly

The first step to play GTA San Andreas on your cell phone without having any problems or difficulties caused by lag and crashes, is to make sure that your cell phone meets the minimum requirements required by the developer to play the game. They are:

  • Android 7.0 or higher, iOS 12.0 or higher, 2GB of RAM, at least 1.8GHz processor and 2.5GB of free storage space.

Just having these minimum requirements does not guarantee smooth gameplay, you need to optimize your device a little. Prevent other applications from running in the background, consuming resources, mainly the cell's RAM.

Configure the game's graphics to have a better experience on your mobile phone. If your cell phone is more modest, not the most recent, you need to configure the game so that it runs better. To do this, go to the game settings under “Graphics”. There, adjust the graphics quality, shadows, effects... so that the game doesn't look ugly, looking for a performance improvement without losing much quality. See the video below for some configuration options for better game performance:

All the tips above are valid in case you face crashes and lag during your game!

Tips and Tricks for playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on mobile

Now that you know how to get GTA San Andreas on your cell phone, check out some tips to venture through the streets of Loas Santos in the best possible way! We've gathered some tips and tricks below:

Take advantage of side quests to maximize your earnings of money and experience. They are also important in the process of unlocking extra weapons and vehicles.

Take a moment to learn how to drive vehicles better! Grab a car and/or a motorcycle and go walking around the maps without commitment in order to gain practice with these vehicles. This dexterity with vehicles is essential to move around the huge map of GTA San Andreas and also to complete some of the missions.

Always have a weapon nearby to protect yourself from enemies, or to acquire vehicles, something fundamental in the game. Experiment with different types of vehicles and weapons to find out which ones have the most affinity and ease of use.

Take a moment to enjoy and explore the GTA San Andreas map. The map is vast and full of secrets.

Pay attention to the dialogue between the characters, especially in the main missions of the game! They provide important clues about the game's upcoming missions and events, as well as making the gameplay more immersive.

Use and abuse of GTA SA codes, codes from the computer and console versions continue to work in the mobile version. Look here some codes and how to use them.


Now you know how to have one of the best and most important games in the history of games on your cell phone! Enjoy GTA San Andreas, whether it's to kill the nostalgia of the game you played so much in childhood or to get to know and have a first contact with this game wherever you are thanks to the practicality of a cell phone.

Remember to adjust the game settings first in order to get better performance and enjoy our tips to do well in the game! With graphics and gameplay very close to the original game, GTA San Andreas on mobile is truly an experience not to be missed.

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