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Hidden Videos: How to Find the Internet's Rarest Videos

Hidden Videos are one of the greatest mysteries on the internet, find out how to search and access these relics of the Internet

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The most popular videos on the internet can be easily found on video sharing sites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) But there are several rare and unusual videos that are difficult to find, popularly known as hidden videos. they are only available in specific places.

In this article, we will present a series of list of hidden videos either are true rarities on the internet. See what these videos are, and how to find them once and for all!

What are Hidden Videos?

Hidden Videos are those videos that are difficult to find on the internet, even though they are sometimes on easy-to-use platforms like YouTube, but in the vast majority of cases they are not on the most well-known platforms, for various reasons.

These videos may be hidden on specific niche websites, in forums or even private, requiring special access to view them, protected by passwords or copyrights. Some examples of famous hidden videos are:

  • Videos of live broadcasts of rare concerts by famous artists;
  • Filming of historic, rare, unusual and ancient moments;
  • Recordings of old TV programs only available in private collections;
  • Videos that became famous on the internet, but were deleted by those who posted or restricted by Copyright;

How to find Hidden Videos on the Internet?

Below you will find some of the most efficient ways to find rare, private or leaked videos on the internet.

  1. Search Niche Sites: There are countless websites that are focused on sharing information and rare content, which includes videos. Look for these sites, and search for the video you want to see.
  1. Specialized Forums: There are many forums on the internet that specialize in gathering and sharing rare information. Check to see if there is one containing the video you are looking for.
  1. Use specialized search tools: On the internet there are search tools that are specialized in looking for specific rare content, such as videos. Among them, we can list: Wayback Machine, the Internet Archive and P2P Search.

Hidden Videos you need to see!

  1. Lost Beatles concert: An extremely rare video of a 1965 Beatles concert that was discovered decades later.
  1. Lost Stanley Kubrick Documentary: a documentary made by the legend of director Stanley Kubrick (2001, A Space Odyssey, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, etc.) about the life of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The documentary was lost for decades.
  1. David Bowie's secret concert: a secret concert performed by singer David Bawie for a select group of people in 1973, discovered many years later.
  1. Lost episode of Doctor Who: There is a lost episode of the Doctor Who series that has been lost for decades. The episode was found and archived in Nigeria after many years.
  1. Censored Madonna video: Madonna's song “Justify My Love” was censored by MTV, and was only available on VHS.
  1. Lost Jimi Hendrix Interview: interview given by the Rock star in 1967 and was lost for more than 40 years.
  1. John F. Kennedy Jr Wedding Video: an amateur recording of the wedding of the son of the former president of the United States, recorded by one of the guests, and made available on the internet years later.


As much as finding hidden videos may seem like a complex activity, this is an excellent opportunity to discover new types of content and broaden your horizons. It is also an opportunity for fans to see even more content about their idols.

In this article, we present a small list of hidden videos, which are true rarities on the internet. We hope this list has served as inspiration to spark interest in seeking out more rare and unusual content on the internet. There are many hidden treasures on the Internet, just be careful and patient to look!

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