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Holy Bible On Mobile! See App Features

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For those who like to read the word of God, they know that sometimes they don't have the bible available to browse through. That's why we thought of recommending an application, the “Holy Bible”, which you can read the word of God at any time, as long as you have your cell phone with you. Thus, it will be built with reading and reflection of the word and not only that, it can enjoy other features that bring great spiritual nourishment.

With the advancement of technology there is the possibility of having the Holy Bible on the cell phone online and even offline. The development of the application is a way to bring the word of God more easily to people. After all, the app is free and available on GooglePlay and AppStore platforms. And for that reason, it becomes a good option for daily reading, in addition, it is available in more than 2000 versions of the bible in more than 1300 languages.

holy bible app on mobile
Holy Bible App - Illustrative Image

You can explore the Bible with your closest friends, sharing honest conversations about the scriptures through the app's community. In addition to seeking even more knowledge, discussing biblical passages. Customize your experience using the app, and use everything it has to offer online or download specific versions for offline use. Below we will show you more information about the application and give you extra suggestions. Check out!

How to download the app?

As previously mentioned, the “Bíblia Sagrada” application is available on the GooglePlay and AppStore platforms, completely free of charge. Can be downloaded to smartphone, tablet's. It's very simple, just type: "Holy Bible" in the search field of your cell phone's app store. And opt for the app that has “Life.Church” as developer because there are several bible apps and this is the holy bible app that we recommend. In addition to being very well evaluated both on the Android and IOS platform.

In the application it is possible to register and have a better experience, but it is also possible to use it without registering. If you want to register, you can create an account, or enter an existing email account, that is, through Facebook, Google, and Apple. After downloading, it is already possible to enjoy your reading and reflections immediately. Finally, to download, click the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

And how to use the app?

First of all, we recommend that you register or link your e-mail account, as you will have a complete experience. As well as the reading progress, and the use of the different functions and activities available on the platform, in addition to that, if for some reason you have any kind of problem, you can recover your saved data.

It has a simple and intuitive interface for handling, with buttons on the home screen, such as, Start, To read, plans, find it out, More, in the tab “For you“. In the “Community” tab, there are all the other previous buttons, with the addition of “Add friend“, and thus make use of the community, with friends, to encourage, challenge, love and inspire.

And to start your Bible reading, just click on the Read button, there you will choose the book you want to read and the chapter. And if you want, in the upper corner there is a button with an image of a speaker, that is, if you click it, you will hear the chapter you selected for reading. This is a very effective function that helps a lot if you have any difficulty with reading.

The functions available in the Holy Bible App

Finally, about its functions, at the beginning of the article, we inform you that the Holy Bible app has several functions for the user to enjoy. However, to use these functions, the user needs to have a registered account, in addition to having access to the functions, your progress is saved, even if you have a problem or even delete the app and install it again. Next, we will present some of the functions available in the Holy Bible app.

holy bible app functions on cell phone
Holy Bible App Functions – Illustrative image
  • complete bible
  • Offline function
  • Reading Plan (with several topics available)
  • Verse and Chapter Selection
  • verse of the day
  • Choose the Verse of the Day Image (Can Edit, Download and Share)
  • List of Prayers
  • Reading goals with awards (fictitious only award)
  • Goals/Activity with family
  • reading progress
  • Video (to illustrate a particular passage or story from the Bible)

In addition to these functions, there are many more, after all, it is also possible to find functions that are visible in your profile, and used during reading:

  • bookmarks
  • Notes
  • Add friends
  • List of Prayers
  • Highlights (some highlights can be seen in the profile tab)
  • Images
  • Medals
  • Historic

There are several functions that help the user with his readings, reflections and goals, and thus a great spiritual growth is developed. Remembering that before using any function, the application explains it beforehand, so that you are informed.

The Offline Version of the Holy Bible

We previously reported that it also has an offline function, this is a differential of the Holy Bible application. So you can use and read even if you have no mobile data or no Wi-Fi access. However, when reading, it is necessary to download the version to be able to use it offline. That is, if you want to read the Bible with the most current or oldest language version, or language, it must be downloaded.

The offline mode can be used at any time, and so, if you need a word on a certain religious issue, or even something motivational, for you or someone who is talking about it. You will have the bible in your hands and be able to cultivate the word of God.

Extra: suggestion of other apps

we do God's Mail, we indicate the aforementioned application for biblical reading, study, and devotional, as we believe it is a great application that will help a lot. However, there are other bible applications that we would like to indicate here, some aimed at a specific objective, and they are available for IOS and Android. Finally, see the applications that we separate for you below!

  • Holy Bible Updated Language
  • Bible App for Kids
  • JFA Offline Bible
  • Women's Bible in Portuguese
  • Verse of the Day
  • Bible for Couples

Final considerations

Finally, we God's Mail, we hope you enjoyed the tips and information about the Holy Bible application, and if you liked it, share it with your friends. We have suggested other apps that can help you with Bible study for specific subjects, such as Couples, Children, and so on. We thank you for making it this far, and a big hug, and see you next time!


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