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How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp!

Now it is possible to read what the person deleted on WhtasApp quickly and simply, check it out!

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Is there a more frustrating feeling than opening your phone and seeing deleted messages on WhatsApp? Well, know that now there is a way to solve this problem!

You no longer need to be in doubt about what was written in those messages, because now there is a way to read everything that the person has deleted in the conversation. And this is only possible thanks to some applications that show messages even if they have been deleted.

WhatsApp is, without a doubt, one of the biggest apps nowadays and surely you have already been through this situation of being faced with several deleted messages, which is very annoying and annoying.

Therefore, to end this problem once and for all, we are going to present you with a quick and practical solution to see deleted messages on WhatsApp!

Ways to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

Many people think that after the message is deleted it can never be read again, but there are some ways around this. One such way to view deleted messages on WhatsApp is using variations of the app like WhatsApp GB.

These modified versions allow you to see deleted messages on WhatsApp, however, it is important to note that these unofficial versions are not recommended by experts, as they can compromise user security, and therefore we do not recommend this alternative.

How to see deleted messages on whatsapp
Device with several applications on the screen – Illustrative Image

Another option is to use applications that record notification history in real time, as they keep a record of incoming notifications, including WhatsApp messages, even if they have been deleted. However, it is necessary to have the application installed and activated before the messages are deleted, otherwise they will not be registered.

Therefore, we will present the best application available so that you can have access to all deleted messages on your WhatsApp.


WhatsRemoved+ has the ability to recover messages that have been deleted on WhatsApp and in addition it monitors WhatsApp notifications and stores the content of received messages, even if they are later deleted.

It also logs other notifications from your phone, this means the app can provide a history of notifications received on apps other than WhatsApp, allowing you to review and track recent activities on your device.

Another feature of WhatsRemoved+ is customizing settings related to message deletion. You will be able to select which apps you want to monitor and which types of notifications should be logged.

That way you can manage the app and customize it according to your individual preferences. In addition to being able to view deleted WhatsApp messages, the application can also recover and display photos and videos, which were deleted on WhatsApp.

Step by Step on how to install and use WhatsRemoved+

How to see deleted messages on whatsapp
How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

Unfortunately this application is only available for smartphones that have the Android system, and no similar application is available for iPhone (iOS). It is free and to download and install the WhatsRemoved+ just click the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website

After installing, open the app and find the WhatsRemoved+ icon on your device's home screen or app menu and tap on it to open the app.

When you open WhatsRemoved+, it will ask you to grant permissions so that the app can access your device's notifications. Follow the on-screen instructions and grant the permissions.

After granting the permissions, you will be taken to the WhatsRemoved+ settings screen. On this screen, you will be able to select which apps you want to monitor for recovering deleted messages.

In addition, the application also offers additional customization options, such as choosing the type of notifications to be registered and defining filters to exclude specific notifications.

Now that WhatsRemoved+ is set up, whenever someone sends you a message on WhatsApp and then deletes that message, the app will log the notification and display the contents of the deleted message.

Final considerations

Did you see how simple it is to see deleted messages on WhatsApp? Take advantage of this tip and never be curious about what was written there again. Also share this tip with that friend who also doesn't like to receive messages and see them being deleted right away.

Remembering that the functionalities and performance of the application may vary based on factors such as WhatsApp updates.

In addition to apps to read deleted messages on WhatsApp, there are also other apps that can make your day to day easier, such as apps to clean your phone and free up space, which will help optimize your device's performance.

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