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See how to put Music In WhatsApp Status

Learn how to put your favorite songs in your WhatsApp status

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The new wave of the moment is to put music in WhatsApp status, and if you still don't know how to do that, don't worry, because we'll show you how you can do it quickly and easily.

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networks in the world, with it you can exchange text messages, audio, images, and videos, it also allows users to share status updates with friends and family.

One of the coolest ways to update your status is with music!

This feature is now available on Instagram and Facebook and you can put music in Storys. But unfortunately this option is not available on WhatsApp yet. And even if you save the story with music, as soon as you try to post it to your status, the music will not be available.

WhatsApp does not have the ability to recognize music, which prevents your photo from playing with the desired music. However, this is no longer an issue as there are now apps available that allow you to add music to photos and play the music on WhatsApp status.

So if you want to make your WhatsApp statuses even more amazing, learn now how to put your favorite songs in photos using an app!

How to put music on WhatsApp status?

To put music on your photos is very easy! And you're going to do it using the CapCut app. It is a video editor known for being extremely simple to use, and it has several complete tools for you to edit your photos and videos in an incredible way.

How to put music on whatsapp status
Music on WhatsApp Status

CapCut provides various editing options like cropping, flipping and adjusting your photos and videos very easily. In addition, in the application you will also find several effects, such as beauty filters, light change and others, to further improve your photos.

With all these editing options, you can customize your photos and videos in the way you find most interesting and create unique and super cool statuses to share on WhatsApp.

There is no limit to creativity when you use this app, so we are going to teach you how to use CapCut to put your favorite music on your photos and share the photo with music on WhatsApp status.

Learn how to use CapCut

The first step to put music on WhatsApp status is to download the CapCut app. This app is free and available for Android and iOS users, and to install just click the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Once you install the app, click “Accept” and then tap the “+” icon to start editing. Then the application will offer you the option to select the file you want, whether it is a photo or a video. Select the desired file and click the “Add” button. A yellow box will appear on the screen, click anywhere on the screen to make the box disappear.

Now you can start editing your photo or video with all the options that CapCut has to offer, you will have access to many options such as cropping the video size, adding texts, effects and transitions. All these options will be available on the icons below.

music on whatsapp status
Music on WhatsApp Status

To add the music, click on “Add Audio” and the application will offer several options of sounds and effects available for you to choose from. You have the option to add a background sound to your videos, allowing your original voice to be heard, and you can also use the “voiceover” option, being able to add a recording of your own voice.

In the “Sounds” section, you can choose the music according to the musical style, presented in categories such as rhythm, romance, among others. With all these options available, you can create custom videos with the perfect soundtrack to convey the message you want.

Step by step to put music on photo

To put music in WhatsApp status using CapCup is very simple, check out the step by step:

  1. Open the app and click “Accept”.
  2. Tap the “+” icon on the home screen to start editing.
  3. Select the photo you want to put music on WhatsApp status. Click “Add”.
  4. Use the options available in the bottom menu to cut the video size, include texts, effects and transitions.
  5. To add music, click on “Add Audio”.
  6. Select the “Sounds” option to choose the music according to the musical style, presented in categories such as rhythm, romance, among others.
  7. Choose the music you want to use and click “Add” to insert it into your video.
  8. Adjust the music volume as per your preference.
  9. Click “Save” to save the video with added music.
  10. Share the video on your WhatsApp status and enjoy!

At the end of the video, the CapCut brand will be displayed and, if you wish, you can remove it so that it does not appear in your WhatsApp. To do this, just select the clip where the logo is present, click on the “Edit” icon and then on “Delete”.

In this way, you will be able to share your creation directly on your WhatsApp status. If you want to make another one, just click on “Done” and you are ready to start another edition.

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