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Entertainment in the Palm of Your Hand: The Best in Programs, Films, Series and Soap Operas for Your Cell Phone

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We often want to watch TV, but due to the rush of everyday life, sometimes we don't have time to relax and watch. However, as technology advances, it brings us more convenience and comfort. In that sense, the same condition when watching a movie, series, soap operas and even TV shows. That's why we decided to separate for you some mobile apps that have the TV function. Thus, you will be able to watch your favorite programs, series, soap operas, newspapers, movies and so on. And best of all, whenever you want, wherever you want, as long as you have your device with you.

Watch mobile series on mobile
Bible Series – Illustrative Image

A cell phone provides its user with infinite possibilities and functions, but some people just want to watch TV. With that, watching successful series from TV stations, such as “The Ten Commandments”, or the current production of Record TV “The Bible”.

And if you want to watch this new production by Record TV, the series The Bible, check out the first app on this list, because with it you'll be able to watch Record. In addition, you can download for Android devices, Google Play and iOS platform, App Store. And besides all this information, we left for you at the end of this article, a bonus that we believe to be very useful. Anyway, check below, some applications that allow the user to watch TV on the cell phone, and the best, free of charge for you.

PlayPlus – Record TV

And to start with a very good application to be able to watch your favorite soap operas, series, movies and much more on your cell phone. And for those of you who watch Record TV, you should probably watch the incredible series, The Bible, which recently premiered on the network, following the same success as The 10 Commandments. In this sense, the official application of Record, has the condition of free account, to watch normal programming. That is, in this plan you have access to simultaneous transmission of the Record channel. Such as local programming, live programming, soap operas, movies, series, newspapers and Realities.

Bible TV series record
Watch on your cell phone, The 10 Commandments – Illustrative Image

However, the app also has a paid plan, which costs R$15.90 per month, which in addition to having free content, allows the user to access all programs. That is, regardless of the time, you can watch an episode of a series, soap opera that has passed, newspapers, reality shows. You can then rewatch The 10 Commandments, Joseph of Egypt, King David, The Apocalypse etc. Plus, productions made exclusively for the app, and having up to 4 profile sharing screens.

Anyway, as it is the station's official app, it guarantees extra security to the user, not endangering his data. What's more, the cool thing is that this app is available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store), available for free in stores. Finally, if you want to download the app, we make it available on the button below, click and download PlayPlus Record TV:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

SBT Videos

Now we have the official app of the SBT TV network, from the great presenter of Show do Milhão, Silvio Santos. Now this program is led by Celso Portioli, with the new Show do Milhão PicPay! Well SBT Videos, a very complete application, easy to use and intuitive. That way, for those who are not used to apps of the genre, they won't have any difficulties with this one.

Through this application, you can watch all of SBT's programming, including watching live programming. In addition, this app has programming categories, such as Reality, sports, etc. After all, with this the user can easily browse the programs he wants to watch. And choose what you prefer without any difficulty. However, this app, made available by the broadcaster itself, guarantees security to users.

It is worth remembering that the app is available on both Google Play platforms and for the App Store, free of charge. And if you also want to download this app, so you can watch TV programming on your cell phone, just click on the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website


And the biggest competitor of the broadcasters mentioned above is the official app of Rede Globo de tv, GloboPlay. This is one of the most complete apps on this list, as it has all the content from the Globo group. However, in this app you can watch common daily programming for free. That is, the local content of Rede Globo in some cities, and for that it needs to be in Brazilian territory. But there is also a paid option, where you will have access to exclusive content, and at any time. The contents available are series, soap operas, cartoons, movies and so on.

Therefore, there are several GloboPlay subscription plans available, with the release of Live channels. In addition, with the addition of channels aimed at sports or movies, such as Premiere, Disney+, among others. A fact that becomes advantageous if you are more interested in any of these two mentioned. However, if you want to know all GloboPlay subscription plans, as well as their benefits and prices, click here! Because it's a great app, which couldn't be missing from this list, we make it available to download on your cell phone, just click the button below, for your convenience. Remembering that this application is available for devices, Android and iOS.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website


And if you are one of those people who always watch free-to-air channels, the Bandeirantes TV channel is certainly not left out. Soon, the official application of the TV station Bandeirantes, as already indicated in its name. With this app, you can watch content that has already been broadcast by the broadcaster. That is, to reprise the program that you missed for whatever reason, or just because you wanted to see it again. But you can also watch the programs that provide live information.

BandPlay brings several functions, and one that stands out is being able to favor favorite programming/content. In this way, it facilitates the use and navigation of the application. In addition, the other function that draws attention, being able to have a second screen that allows users to comment on the programming. This way, it allows you to engage with polls that may be happening right now.

The application is from the broadcaster itself, and is available for free download on mobile phones, on both Android and iOS platforms. Because it belongs to Band, it has greater credibility and security for users. We leave the button below so you can download it on your cell phone, just click!

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Pluto TV – On mobile!

And the last app on this list, but no less important than the others, is Pluto TV, which has its own grid and 24-hour transmission. Containing movies, series, content known from broadcasters, anime and drawings, and best of all, totally free. However, this app, being free and very attractive, contains some ads during certain intervals, which can end up bothering some people. But that doesn't stop you from watching your show, series or movie, just be patient, wait a few seconds and close the ad. Something we already do with many apps, including YouTube.

With this app, you can bookmark your favorite channels, making it easier to find what you want, in addition to having the On Demand service. For those who can't keep up with live programming. Thus, several films, documentaries, series are available to be watched at any time. This application can be downloaded for various devices besides Android and iOS mobile phones, also for Smart TV and PC.

Pluto TV is a free 100% app, in that sense, it doesn't have any kind of subscription service. So if you want to download this app, click on the button below that we make available for Android and iOS:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Bonus App! To Watch on Mobile

As we mentioned before, we separate another app that you can watch several series and movies completely free of charge, this being the Telegram. In case you don't know about Telegram, in addition to being an instant messaging app, it also has the condition of being able to watch it on your cell phone. That is, to do this, just download the application and in the search field, you type the series, movie you want to watch. Or if you still don't know what you want to watch, you can type something like "news movies" or "Brazil movies and series". That way, when you join the group, you can see which movies and series are available for download. After downloading, you will watch the programming in high resolution on your cell phone.

watch on telegram
Films and Series on Telegram – Illustrative Image

Telegram is one of the top 10 most downloaded apps, the funniest, the main function of the app, instant messaging. If you want to download Telegram on your cell phone, click on the button below that we have made available for your convenience. The app is free and available on the Google Play and App Store platforms.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

The interesting thing about this app is that you can find many programs on Telegram, movies and series that are not available on streams, or that are only available with a subscription. So it becomes very practical for you, and you don't have to sign anything.

Final considerations

we do God's Mail, we are grateful to have made it this far, we seek to separate applications that allow you to watch content on your cell phone. The purpose of open network programming, and moreover, content from closed channels. In addition, we are talking about Telegram, where you can watch as long as you download the content to your device. So you can watch movies, series and much more in high resolution. Finally, we hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, share this article with your friends. We wish you a good week and a big hug. To the next!

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I have a degree in Accounting, I am a Protestant Christian, and I am always active in the activities of the church I attend and in the evangelical environment. I like to be aware of news from the evangelical world. I write for O Correio de Deus and for other sites of the SED Group.

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