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Bible Question and Answer Game

Bible Challenge: Test Your Knowledge with a Question and Answer Game

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How much do you know about the Bible? Are you just reading, or are you absorbing what you read? Then test your knowledge about the bible right now with a Bible Questions and Answers Game!

There are currently several ways to read the Bible, so whether through the printed book itself, or even digitally on websites and applications, we have already taught here about an excellent application for this purpose.

But are you really absorbing what you are reading, or are you just reading for the sake of reading? There is an excellent way to measure this, and that is by using a Bible question and answer app! 

Why play Bible Questions and Answers?

There are some benefits in games of this nature, below I will list some of them:

  • Stimulate Memory;
  • Group fun (group dynamics, for example);
  • Attest knowledge (find out whether or not you really know about the bible);
  • Absorb new information;
  • Healthy pastime;
So why play the Bible quiz?
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Anyway, these are just some of the benefits of playing games of this type, similar to million show and Trivia (2 of the most famous question and answer games).

About the Bible Questions and Answers Game.

For those who have played games for this purpose, the game has many similarities. However, with a great added bonus of being extremely informative. For example, questions are separated by categories, and whenever a question is answered, whether the answer is right or wrong, the source is cited, in this case the verse in question.

That way you can create a user to save your progress. Then creating a ranking, using your score, and the percentage of advancement in available games. The game has a rating of 4.5 stars (maximum is 5), and several praises from users, with more than 100 thousand downloads, receiving constant updates.

Bible question and answer game
Bible Question and Answer Game

The question and answer game about the Bible has several references to the Old and New Testament. In addition, of course, it has several Curiosities and Biblical Studies.

How to Download the Application

1. Access the Play Store (or use the button at the end).
2. Go to the search box, and then enter the name of the application (Quiz Jesus: Trivial Bible).
3. Tap on the application published by MR ROCCO, after that, click on install.
4. Once the installation is finished, tap open to play, done! It's just fun!

You will be redirected to the official website

Unfortunately this app in question is not available for iPhone (iOS), but some alternatives are available on the App Store. Therefore, if you are an Apple operating system user, go to your application store, search for Bible Questions and Answers, you will see applications that, although not the same, have the same proposal.

It does not replace sacred reading!

Although the question and answer game about the Bible serves to attest to your knowledge of the scriptures, it is not an indication for you to stop reading, because you “already know everything”. Daily reading of the Holy Bible cannot be underestimated and replaced by some other activity!

Read the bible and trivia game about the bible
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Your mindset and experience gained day after day, makes you able to read the bible with a new look, new reflections are made on what you are reading. Not to mention that one of the ways to get closer and feel God closer and closer is by reading the scriptures.

Especially in the difficult times we live in, the Bible is a strong tool to give us direction and encouragement to go through this ordeal! Thanks so much for reading this far, God bless you!

Graduated in Economic Sciences, I am a Christian committed to church activities. I collaborate in God's Mail and other SED Group websites, integrating my academic background and my faith to offer meaningful and enriching content.

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