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Where and How to Watch WWE Raw

Stay up to date on the best platforms so you don't miss a single WWE Raw fight!

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O WWE Raw is one of the main events in professional wrestling, responsible for moving millions of fans around the world with its exciting fights, fighters of the most diverse profiles and engaging narratives.

In Brazil, WWE Raw's popularity continues to grow, and fans have several options for tuning in and following their favorite wrestlers.

In the following content, we will explore the different ways viewers can watch WWE Raw and immerse themselves in the exciting world of professional wrestling. Plus, we'll take a look at the history of WWE Raw and compelling reasons to watch this exciting event.

History of WWE Raw

Since its debut in 1993, WWE has been a key part of WWE programming. Initially broadcast as a weekly wrestling match series, Raw has evolved over the years to become a spectacular event, featuring some of professional wrestling's biggest names and memorable moments.

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From epic rivalries to shocking twists, WWE continues to surprise and thrill fans around the world. Being part of WWE's rich history, the legendary Latino Heat WWE (Eddie Guerrero) gathered many fans in his career and was a protagonist in many rivalries and fights that continue to this day.

On the same shelf as Eddie Guerrero, one of the biggest stars today, Roman Reigns is the face of Raw. Owner of belts in various disciplines in his career and still active, he is undoubtedly a good example of an important member in the history of WWE.

Reasons to Watch WWE Raw

Want to know why to watch WWE Raw? We highlight that there are many compelling reasons to tune in to this exciting event every week. In addition to exciting matches and non-stop action, WWE offers a unique experience that captivates and entertains viewers of all ages. From world-class performances to dramatic moments, here are a few reasons why you won't want to miss WWE Raw:

  • High-quality entertainment: With a combination of athletic skills and acting talent, WWE Raw wrestlers provide a spectacle that goes far beyond traditional wrestling;
  • Engaging narratives: WWE Raw is known for its captivating narratives and gripping storylines that keep viewers glued to their screens week after week;
  • Surprises and twists: You never know what to expect in WWE, with exciting surprises and shocking twists always lurking around the corner. Each episode offers a new thrill and excitement for fans.

How to Watch WWE Raw

For WWE fans in Brazil, there are several options available to watch this exciting wrestling event. We’ll explore some of the top options below:

Streaming Options

For those who want to follow the incredible world of Raw on streaming, the best options are:

– WWE Network:

WWE Network is WWE's official streaming platform, offering access to a vast library of content, including live WWE broadcasts.

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With a monthly subscription, fans can watch WWE and other events live, as well as access exclusive content, news (WWE News) and original programs.

– Peacock:

Recently, WWE partnered with streaming platform Peacock to make its content available in the United States. Although it is currently not available in Brazil, fans can keep an eye out for future expansion possibilities to access WWE through Peacock.

Cable TV

Cable TV is another outlet for WWE fans.

– Fox Sports:

WWE Raw airs on Fox Sports in Brazil, allowing cable subscribers to watch the event live every week.

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Check local listings for broadcast times.

Watching Live

If you prefer a live experience, you can find local or pay-per-view events that show WWE Raw at sports bars or movie theaters. Stay tuned for special events and promotions in your area to watch WWE.

How to watch WWE Raw in the arena?

Watch WWE in the arena it is an exciting and unforgettable experience for fans who want to experience the energy and action live. To do this, you need to purchase tickets, choose a strategic seat and arrive early to make the most of the event.

Once in the arena, fans must follow the instructions of the security team, immerse themselves in the exciting atmosphere and enjoy every moment of WWE Raw live. Applauding, shouting and cheering at the fights and exciting moments are part of the experience, providing an intimate connection with the world of professional wrestling.

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With multiple options available, watching WWE is easier than ever. From streaming platforms to cable TV broadcasts, fans have a variety of ways to follow the exciting matches and stories from the world of professional wrestling. Don't miss your chance to join the action and watch Roman Reigns Roman and company battle it out on WWE Raw!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Is WWE Raw broadcast live in Brazil?

Yes, WWE Raw is broadcast live on Fox Sports in Brazil.

2. Can I watch WWE on streaming platforms?

Yes, platforms like WWE Network offer live streams of WWE Raw on a subscription basis.

3. Is WWE Raw available in languages other than English?

Typically, WWE Raw broadcasts are in English, but subtitles or dubs may be available in some countries.

4. Can I watch reruns of WWE Raw?

Yes, many streaming platforms offer the option to watch WWE reruns after their live broadcast.

5. Is WWE Raw suitable for children?

WWE Raw is rated PG in the United States, meaning it is recommended for audiences of all ages, but parents may want to consider the content and violence before allowing children to watch.


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